How to confirm

After having submitted your reservation request, you will have to confirm your booking. If you send us a request for confirmation (via mail, fax or phone) we will send out an order note (deposit note) via mail. The amount of deposit to be paid is approximately 30% of the estimated total cost of your stay. After the deposit has reached our bank account, the booking is confirmed and a you will receive a confirmation mail.

When is the balance to be paid?

Two weeks before arrival of the group, the final invoice is made up and sent to you via mail. The balance is expected on our bank account before arrival. Click on the "Bank details" tab in the left menu to get our bank details.

Why a deposit is required

A deposit helps you and us to avoid people from making faked and blocked bookings. Confirmations without a deposit being paid are not possible. Without a deposit, anyone could pretend to pick a date and just cancel it before arrival. The fact that we accept online requests makes us extra vulnerable to these practices.